This past Saturday my parents came to visit me. It was a gorgeous (and usual) 70+ degree day in SF, which made for a perfect afternoon of strolling along the narrow streets of Chinatown. One of our favorite things to do is shop in the darkest corners of the shops there. For those of you who don’t know, San Francisco has the largest “Chinatown” outside of Asia, as well as being the oldest in North America.

Most people think of Chinatown as either a place you pray the 45 won’t break down in OR a huge tourist trap. However, among all the “I love SF” t-shirts, mini personalized license plates, and cable car snow globes are some amazing treasures to be found.
Below is a sampling of the goods that you can find for your home. Chinoiserie blue & white bowls, statuary, amazing lamps, boxes, baskets, etc. Gorgeous jewelry shops with jade rings & bracelets, beads and pearl strands to be picked and strung. Lanterns to make any party more memorable and endless tchotchkes for gifts, fun, or just to make you smile.
One of my favorite shops to find silk jacquard wallets, purses and clutches, bamboo boxes and accessories and serving platters is Canton Bazaar.

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