ikat is everywhere

Gorgeous ikat fabrics are showing up everywhere these days in decor and design.  the fabrics comes in many colors and has an organic, almost tribal looking pattern.  Ikat is a dying technique that dates back to pre-Columbian Central & South American cultures. Fortunately for all of us, the technique of dying the threads wasn’t lost over time.
It is created by applying bindings to the threads in desired patterns and then dyeing to color into the threads. By alternating the bindings and multiple dye colors, one can create elaborate, multicolored patterns.
This produces the defining characteristic of ikat – dyeing the patterns in the threads BEFORE constructing the cloth and weaving the fabric. As opposed to more common tie-dye, in which fabric is woven FIRST and then bindings are applied for dyeing.
I love the contrast of the casual tribal look of ikat on a formal, classic French chair or how it can make a structured modern chair more fun and bright.
(images source: miles redd; pinterest; libby brown) 

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