studio spaces

I only dream that one day I’ll have enough room in my house for a REAL and PERMANENT art studio.  Currently I switch back and forth from my living room to my kitchen, both mostly with disorganized, “take over the whole space” results.  It drives me nuts that my creative outlets commandeers the space and renders is unusable for anything else.

Someday, preferable in the near future, I will have a proper space with lots of light to paint.

These are the simple things that I dream of at night.

Picasso in his Cannes studio 1955

Marc Chagall in his studio, 1955

Luc Tuyman’s Studio.

Keith Haring at work

Francis Bacon’s Studio

Alex Katz in his SOHO studio loft.

Fernand Leger, Paris, 1954

Alexander Liberman compiled a book of photos of artist in their studios.  The Artist in his Studio. For more amazing photos, I suggest that you check it out.


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