design trend: blue & white

Is there anything more crisp, clean and classic than blue & white in decor?  Or maybe there are lots of things that can be described by the three words above, however blue & white decor falls in the top 5.  It’s such a classic that the color pallet expands all styles and tastes in design.

It is no longer only French Country Blue or strictly Chinoiserie.  I have to admit that the later is my favorite way to incorporate it into a room, adding some chinese ginger jars, or a gorgeous lamp.  But the look has been updated and is used in modern and bold ways as well, incorporating french toiles, ikats, and block prints along with simple ticking.

Blue & White can also become a surprising neutral when you bring in a very bright third color.

A collection of chinese blue & white porcelain not only makes a stunning collection, but a perfect way to decorate a table

Carolyne Roehm has always been a fan of Blue & White, so much so that she dedicated a book to the color scheme. A Passion for Blue & White

(image source: kendall wilkinson; elle decor; mabley handler hampton house; kelli ford; coastal living; pinterest; carolyne roehm


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