america’s cup

This weekend was the first AC World Series held in San Francisco getting ready for the 34th America’s Cup.  The America’s Cup is the oldest active trophy in international sport history, first awarded in 1851 by the Royal Yacht Squadron.  One by the schooner America, the trophy was renamed the “America’s Cup” after the boat was donated to the New York Yacht Club.  Which made it illegible for international competition.

It remained at the NYYC, from 1857 to 1983, when the Royal Perth Yacht Club, represented by the yacht Australia II.  Yes, the American’s and the NYYC held the record for the longest winning streak in the history of sport!

For us land dwellers, having the race take place in the San Francisco Bay is truly unique.  The Marina Green is an amazing natural “grand stand”.  Very often the races take place so far off shore, that the only way to watch is to wrangle yourself on a spectator boat, or hope that the circling helicopters get the right shot.

Like everyone else, I headed down to the water this weekend to enjoy the spectacle and wave at the passing athletes. It’s truly unreal to see the boats race past you, sometimes only a few meters away.

I don’t know if there is a better backdrop than the Golden Gate Bridge or Alcatraz.

(all photography copyright – Libby Brown)


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